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Thursday, December 22, 2005

PPP Schools come under heavy criticism in Scotland

A whopping 85% of respondents to a survey amongst Scottish construction professionals felt that Public Private Partnerships do not offer value for money. The result certainly provides food for thought for Scottish Education Ministers currently rolling out a £2.3billion school building initiative. The programme will see 300 schools rebuilt or refurbished by 2009 using PPP funding.

Criticism levelled at the scheme centres around the cash-driven decisions made about the buildings involved in them. As institutions for educating the nations children, penny-pinching is not an attractive trait.

Architects assessing previous PPP projects have raised issues about the 'short-termness' of many of the buildings seen, i.e. poor quality materials and uninspiring design that all smack of a building which isn't expected to be around for long, and hasn't been created about the needs of the young people expected to spend their formative years in them.


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