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Monday, January 30, 2006

Modular school buildings can limit disruption

Despite running eight months behind schedule contractors working on a new primary school in Cambridge are labouring under strict time regulations and face random spot-checks by council authorities in an effort to reduce disruption to residents.

Noise, parking problems and heavy vehicle traffic have all conspired to cause residents to complain to authorities, the fact that the project is over-running is also adding to general bad-feeling. Yet the only solution reached by the council is to restrict working hours on site, effectively dragging out the project for longer and longer.

This is where modular school buildings have a distinct advantage over traditional builds. In addition to residents being disturbed by the noise, the children due to move into the school have already lost 5 teaching days this academic year because of the delays. As modular buildings are constructed away from site work can continue until the project is done, without fear of disrupting anybody.


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