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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Portakabin - Celebrating 45 Years Of Modular Construction

The modular building industry is celebrating a milestone anniversary this year as industry leader, Portakabin, celebrates its 45th birthday.

The launch of the first modular building company in 1961 marked the dawn of a new era for the construction sector. The idea for a relocatable building was originally thought of in the 1940s by Portakabin founder Donald Shepherd, who went on to develop his concept, register the Portakabin trade mark and begin production of the first Portakabin buildings in 1961.

Paul Blackwell, Product Development Manager at Portakabin, says the pace of change for the sector, and indeed the construction industry as a whole, has never been greater.

‘Unprecedented alterations in energy efficiency regulations are key drivers for some of these changes. The amended regulations, which come into force in April 2006, require a total re-think of the process in which buildings are designed and procured. This must be done in order to achieve ongoing improvements in energy efficiency and the corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions resulting from their use.

Never in its 45 year history has there been so much to address and consider. However, the future is certainly looking bright, with a growing number of organisations recognising the benefits of off-site construction.

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